About ABE

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) was initiated in 1973.

ABE delivers qualifications that lead up to university or help in further developing careers. Courses range to a variety of subjects that include business management, business startup and entrepreneurship, human resource management and marketing management to name a few.

ABE qualifications will help you outshine. Whether you are a employed professional, desiring to supplement to your skill set or a determined adolescent learner coveting qualifications to help you stand out, an ABE qualification helps you to prosper.

ABE has an exceptional universal standing; diplomas are designed to give students the best shot at accomplishing their optimum potential.

The progression is structured in a way that there are 7 levels of advancement, which can be done in a course of 3 Years and are parallel to levels of progression in the more conventional way of education.

Why Study With Greenwich

ABE is fully controlled by Ofqual, the British Government’s qualifications watchdog for England. Ofqual has an exceptional standing on the global stage and we are proud to comply with its thorough standards. When you have a qualification that has an Ofqual logo, you have objective proof of its worth and reliability.

Greenwich University Pakistan Mauritius Branch Campus is the only Pakistani University which got the ABE accreditation in Mauritius. Since we are running this program in Mauritius, therefore, we are authorized to run at our Pakistan Campus too. Whether you are presently employed or looking for work, ABE qualifications allow you to get ahead of the competition. In an increasingly competitive job market, it is indispensable that you give yourself every chance to flourish. At ABE we trust that we can assist you do this.


ABE’s qualifications have credits, which are acknowledged by numerous universities and can be moved to provide exceptions onto qualifications obtainable by other institutes. For example, with an ABE Level 5 you can get straight admission to the final year of a related Bachelors degree. Credits also specify the size of the qualification. One credit is awarded for every ten hours of learning. Credit values are interconnected to the qualification title as follows:

  • Award is for 1-12 credits necessitating up to 120 hours of learning.
  • Certificate is for 13-36 credits necessitating up to 360 hours of learning.
  • Diploma has 37 credits or more necessitating more than 360 hours of learning.

The complete Diplomas at Levels 4, 5 and 6 individually carry 120 credits that are equivalent to the levels of a Bachelors degree.